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Fair salary


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No night shifts

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Working times.

You can work full-time or part-time: 37.5 hrs, 30 hrs or 22.5 hrs/week. We offer a two-shift model in our warehouse: The early shift from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and the late shift from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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Fair salary.

Your time is valuable. That's why we pay you a fair salary. Want to know more? Scroll down to our salary calculator!

Travel and vacation allowance.

You will receive an additional tax-free top-up of € 0.23/km (up to € 544/month) for your commute both ways, to work and back. Plus, enjoy a vacation bonus amounting to 96% of your monthly gross salary.


Enjoy free hot drinks and order hot or cold meals in our staff canteen. You can also bring your own food and use our facilities to keep it cold or heat it up.

What you'll do working with us

  • Receiving and sorting goods.

    In Receive, you will handle incoming goods, unpack them and check them carefully. If everything is fine, you'll forward them to the right departments.

  • Clearing and picking.

    Pick means movement! You will walk through our picking area and put together orders for our customers. You will also ensure that the shelves in the picking tower are always full.

  • Special orders.

    In VAS, you'll take care of all orders that could not be fully processed in Pick. For example, you will add missing products or handle cooled products.

  • Assembling and packing.

    In Pack, you will ensure every product is placed in the correct parcel (picking by light).

Discover your salary as a warehouse operatve at Redcare Pharmacy.
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Travel allowance

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Direct contract


No night shifts

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Employee discount

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Clean environment

Select your working hours and calculate your salary as a warehouse operative.


Your approximate net salary

2050 **

per month

13.70 gross per hour

**This is an average calculation and may not reflect your actual salary. Valid from July 2024 onwards

Your career opportunities as warehouse operative.

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Working as a coach in the field of our warehouse logistics, you are responsible to thoroughly training new warehouse workers. Your role includes onboarding them comprehensively and imparting all the essential knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their new job.

You introduce them to the basic processes and workflows and also teach specific techniques and best practices that are crucial in a warehouse environment.

This includes efficiently picking and packing goods as well as adhering to safety regulations and hygiene standards.


Our compass to your new job.

Our location.

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How do I get there?

Our warehouse is located in Sevenum, less than 10 minutes from Venlo. The best way to reach us is by car or bike.


Redcare Pharmacy

N.V. Erik de Rodeweg 11/13

5975 WD Sevenum, NL

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Close to the border.

Sevenum is located near the German-Dutch border.

Your application as a warehouse operative.

Quick and easy!

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Find a job in your field of interest and apply via our online portal — quick and easy.
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Applicant day.

We will show you the job details and give you a short tour of the warehouse.

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Start your new Job!

If it's a match, you will need to submit your documents. We will prepare your contract and provide you with an onboarding plan.


Are there training opportunities for warehouse operatives at Redcare Pharmacy?

Sure, if you’re looking for more opportunities in the warehouse, scroll up a bit. If you’re looking for opportunities in other job fields, please visit our career website:

Logistics jobs at Redcare Pharmacy: What entry opportunities do I have?

In the field of warehouse jobs, Redcare Pharmacy offers entry-level opportunities in a wide range of professions - the logistics vacancies range from in-house technician to order picker to logistics team leader. We particularly welcome applicants for these warehouse worker jobs who are keen to work together in a motivated team. 

Do I need a completed apprenticeship?

No. You can also actively support the teams at Redcare Pharmacy even if you haven't completed an apprenticeship.

Becoming a warehouse worker at Redcare Pharmacy, where can I get information in person?

When you apply as a warehouse operative at Redcare Pharmacy, we will organize an applicant day for you where you will visit us onsite and get all information you need. This day is completely meant for you, so you can of course ask all your questions there.

Open Positions

Our open Logistics positions.


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